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Paint Zoom Review

Paint Zoom Reviews

Paint Zoom Review

Looking for a reliable, yet safe paint sprayer? If so, I have the perfect suggestion for you. I am talking about the Paint Zoom paint sprayer. I have decided to make a Paint Zoom review of my own after finding a lot of helpful Paint Zoom reviews online myself while doing my research on the product before I purchased it.I had first seen the TV commercial touting this as the best airless paint sprayer as I was sitting watching one of my favorite television shows.
paint-zoom electric paint sprayer
I was skeptical because the commercial made painting with the Paint Zoom look so easy, so I went online and I did a whole bunch of research on the Paint Zoom and had found nothing but good reviews. All of the good reviews had me skeptical, so I kept digging until I eventually saw a bad review or two. It seemed that some people thought that the Paint Zoom was going to practically paint their walls for them and so they gave negative reviews. Eventually I decided that it would be a wise investment for me to purchase the Paint Zoom and try it out for myself.
For some reason my wife believes that I am a handyman and that I can do all of the work on our old house without the help of a professional. Although I do have quite a bit of experience painting was never a chore that I enjoy doing at all. Painting may not be my favorite job, but I do enjoy stepping back and seeing how all my work came together and how nice a room or a wall looks after I finished painting. Luckily, with the paintzoom you can still get that feeling and that sense of accomplishment, but without all the other issues that you get when you pay. I hate the repetitiveness of painting and how mundane it gets.
I mean how many times can you grab a roller, dip the roller or brush into the paint tray, and then roll the paint on the walls over and over and over again until the task just simply bores you? To make the job of painting worse not only is it a boring chore, but it also really gives your arms a workout. The repetitive motion will destroy your muscles and shoulders for days to come, because painting motions are not something that we do every day and therefore your arms are not ready for this type of workout.
I really dislike the way that your arms feel after you get done painting, and this is one more reason I decided to give the Paint Zoom Pro a try.
If you’re looking for a very cost efficient way to paint the inside and even to paint the outside of your house then look no further. Whether you are covering up some stands, or maybe you are just ready for a change, the Paint Zoom is the perfect addition to your home improvement tool shop. Not only can your house now look like it was painted by a pro, but you can do it without the cost of paying a pro to do the work. The Paint Zoom is so light weight and convenient you will be nothing but satisfied with this product.

What is the Paint Zoom?

Simply put the Paint Zoom is a portable paint sprayer that makes your painting job less of a chore and almost even a little fun. The Paint Zoom is the easiest way for you to paint the inside and outside of your home. Using a sprayer instead of a brush and roller will make your job of painting that much easier and that much faster. The Paint Zoom will make painting your house a much more enjoyable and even pleasant task. The Paint Zoom unit is lightweight and portable, so you can do the chore of painting your home in a much more convenient and easier way without the muscle fatigue and stiffness that comes for the week after painting with a roller and brush.

How Does the Paint Zoom Sprayer Work?

The Paint Zoom comes equipped with a canister that you fill up with the paint or stain and also has a 650 watt motor attached to a pump motor housing that distributes the paint through the hose and out of the nozzle tip, giving you a even a flawless professional looking paint job. The technology of the Paint Zoom Pro will do most of the work with very little work to be done by you. I always say, “Work Smarter. Not harder”.

What Surfaces Can the Paint Zoom Spray On?

With the Paint Zoom you can paint on any surface that you would like to whether it would be inside the home or outside of the house. Some examples of these surfaces are brick, paneling, concrete, wood, stucco, flat walls, corners of walls, and so much more. The way that the Paint Zoom fills in all the areas of tough surfaces is truly amazing, and it saves you a lot of paint by distributing paint properly the first time.

How Much Does the Paint Zoom Weigh?

The Paint Zoom unit is very lightweight. It only weighs in at a little bit over 4 pounds and comes with a strap so all of that 4 pounds of weight is given to your shoulders. Therefore you’ll barely notice the PaintZoom, especially compared to the heavy lifting in repetitive motion of rollers and paint brushes.

Benefits of the Paint Zoom:

The weight described above is one of the largest benefits to using a Paint Zoom over the old brush and roller method. Bending over continuously to get more paint from your paint tray can become very painful on your back. The Paint Zoom makes it so that there is very little need to bend over, and therefore your back pain is not nearly as bad. This product is so lightweight and so portable that its convenience is one of the most important benefits.
Also, you can regulate how much paint you want to be sprayed and that means saving paint in the long run. The less paint that you use on a project then the more money is kept into your own pockets. Over very little time the Paint Zoom pays for itself. Take into consideration that you will no longer have to buy rollers, brushes, and drip pans.
Another great benefit to the Paint Zoom is that you will no longer be taking the huge risk of paint cans getting knocked over or paint dripping off of a roller. If you are worried about getting paint on the floor then the Paint Zoom is a must have product for you.
Also, you greatly benefit from the amount of time that you save by using the Paint Zoom. After all, time is money, right? For a cost efficient way to safely paint your home the best bang for your buck is the Paint Zoom.

How Does the Paint Zoom Stack Up Against Other Sprayers?

I have had a previous bad experience with a big name power paint sprayer, so I was a little hesitant about trying to use the Paint Zoom when I seen it on the commercial. I do not like to put down other brands so I will not say the name, but luckily the clerk at Home Depot gave me a full refund for my more expensive but not nearly as operational paint sprayer I purchased. I love the idea of the power sprayer, but the last product left a lot to be wanted from a power sprayer.
This big name power sprayer did not have a large enough motor to give you even spray throughout the whole painting process, but I do not have that problem with my Paint Zoom, even though it is half the weight of the old product.

What is the Price of the Paint Zoom?

The greatest part about the Paint Zoom is the very affordable price. The PaintZoom is a $400 value, but you can get it for $99.99 plus shipping and handling. I think that the shipping and handling fees are $19.95. That makes the total price of the paint zoom under $120 and very well worth it. On top of that, all you need to do is pay 3 monthly installments of $33.33 if you would rather spread the payments out.

What Are the Contents of the Paint Zoom Box?

paint zoom unit out of boxThe Paint Zoom kit comes with a hose, the paint zoom unit, a carrying strap, viscosity measuring cup, the instructional manual, a painting cup, the lightweight spray gun, and one cleaning utensil. Plus you receive two free drip clothes, trim tape, and border tape.

Components of the Paint Zoom:

Altogether the Paint Zoom has 14 separate parts.

  • The spray gun
  • The air cap ring
  • The spray pattern adjuster
  • The nozzle
  • The O-ring
  • The nut
  • The paint flow adjuster
  • The gasket
  • The pickup tube
  • The viscosity cup
  • The paint container
  • The motor base
  • The spray gun holder
  • The hose

Can You Use Any Type of Paint With the Paint Zoom?

The Paint Zoom can be used with a huge variety of paints or stains. Examples of these are fence and deck stains, varnishes, sealers, latex, wood preservatives, water-based paints, and automotive paints. However, if the paint is recommended for brush application only than the material probably should not be sprayed thru the Paint Zoom. The Paint Zoom cannot be used for textured paints. Use of textured paints will cause premature wear and will void the warranty given by the manufacturer of the Paint Zoom.

How to Set Up Your Paint Zoom:

Lets begin by opening up your package. We will go over the contents of the package later, but for now let us just attempt to set the Paint Zoom up for its first use. First you uncoil the air hose and attach one end of the air hose to the back of the spray gun and hook the other end up to the Paint Zoom unit and twist the hose for a secure fit. Be sure that the air hoses hooked up tightly so that there is not any air loss and therefore gives the Paint Zoom motor its best chance to spray an even coat of paint on your designated surface. You can position the hose in whatever way you will think to best work for you and the application may need it at that moment.

How to Prepare the Material For Your Paint Zoom?

You need to be sure that your paint is that the right viscosity level. Viscosity is just how thick or how thin the paint is, and you should always test the viscosity on a piece of cardboard before painting directly onto the wall or surface. The viscosity needs to be correct because it has to hire too low you cannot ensure that the paint coats properly and sprays evenly.
Be sure that you stir the paint properly and thoroughly before measuring the viscosity. Next get the viscosity cup completely into the paint and next hold the cup up and measure the time it takes to empty the liquid out of the cup. This amount of time is referred to as run out time. The proper run out time depends on the material that you are using. For example, if you are using and automotive finish it should take 20 to 40 seconds for your cup to run empty. If the cup once emptied before or after that 20 to 40 second allotted time than your paint is either to viscus or not thin enough and therefore will not spray evenly.

How to Thin the Paint?

You thin paint by adding the substance upon which the paint is based. For example, if your pay is water-based and you add more water, but if you’re paying is oil-based then you had the correct amount of thinner to it. Be sure to always follow the manufacturer’s guide for thinning paint. If you ever have any questions about anything please contact the manufacturer of the paint.

How to Prepare the Surface For the Paint Zoom:

The Paint Zoom is a very helpful and easy solution to the old brush and roller painting method, but you still do need to do some job preparation before starting the use of the Paint Zoom. Start by making sure that the surface is clean of dust, grime, dirt, and grease. If you come across a surface that has been already painted lightly take some sandpaper against the paint and rub it down to ensure a good bond for the pain that you are applying using your paint zoom. Also, the paint zoom does not have very much overspray, but better safe than sorry so be sure to cover up anything that you would not want to get overspray on. Protect these areas by using a drop cloth and cover all outlets and trim with the painter’s tape that is supplied as a free gift when you purchase the Paint Zoom. Also, be sure to take the necessary precautions and protect yourself by wearing a mask and an inhaler if the area is not well ventilated. Opening up a window if possible is a great idea. Not only will an open window be beneficial for your safety, but an open window will also help the paint dry faster.

add paint to paint zoomHow to Fill the Container For the Paint Zoom:

  1. Unscrew the paint container from the spray gun
  2. Next you take your thin and strained paint or stain and fill the container to the top of the neck. Be very cautious not to overfill above the neck.
  3. Push the pickup tube firmly into the base of it done by the then carefully screw the cup back onto the spray gun. Be sure that you have airtight seal or else the paint zoom will not be able to work at full operation, so always be sure to double check that the container is securely fixed to the spray gun body.

Another great way to save some time is by making sure that the suction tube is pointed in the proper direction. You want the suction tube to be pointed toward whatever the paint as can be. For example, if you are spraying upward you want the suction tube to be pointing towards the back of the canister since that’s where the paint is going to be while you’re pointing the gun and upward angle. You will need to do the opposite for when you are spraying down. This will save you time because otherwise the container will seem empty even when it is not, and you will have to refill it with paint.

How to Spray the Paint Zoom Properly:

Start off by positioning the spray gun perpendicular and approximately 1 foot away from the spray surface. This depends on the spray pattern desired but does not vary too often.
Always press trigger of the spray gun after you start your pass and release the trigger of the spray gun before you stop your pass. The best results occur when making roughly 2 foot passes. Be sure to always keep the gun pointed directly at the spray surface and pass over top of each spray to obtain the most consistent and most professional finish possible.
With anything else in life practice makes perfect. I suggest practicing your technique on cardboard until you feel comfortable enough that you can do the correct job on the surface that you want to paint.

How Many Spray Patterns Does the Paint Zoom Have?

paint zoom spray patterns
The Paint Zoom spray gun has three separate spray patterns and each are adjusted simply by spreading the spray pattern adjuster at the nozzle of the spray gun. The three separate spray patterns are vertical, horizontal, and round patterns.
The best technique to using the Paint Zoom spray painter are:
First be sure to always keep your arm at the same weight away from the surface of your spraying and try not to turn your wrist. A very common technique that people use for painting a large surface is first spray the paint in a horizontal strip and then spread over top of a horizontal stripes vertically. First you start by adjusting the nozzle to the horizontal spray pattern and poetry here and go side to side of the surface. When you complete that you can adjust the spray direction to the vertical spray pattern and then go up and down the wall slightly overlapping upon each strip that you sprayed before.

How to Clean Up the Paint Zoom After Use:

I just want to remind everybody that paint is flammable and therefore should be cleaned with caution. First take the spray gun outside and hose it off in a well ventilated area. Next you should bring back inside and un-screw the paint container and empty all of its contents back into the pail that it came from and then pour soapy warm water into the container and let it set. Next, reattach the container to the spray gun and gently spray the cleaning solution through the hose and out the nozzle. This will quickly flush the system and leave you with a product that is sure to work next time. The last and only remaining step is to un-assemble the spray gun by taking off the spray pattern including the nozzle and soaking in a soapy water and clean them as good as you possibly can. After all you do not want to have any left over from this job inside of the nozzle mixing with the paint that you want for your next project.

Troubleshooting Your Paint Zoom:

There are a few different problems that you can run into while operating your Paint Zoom, but most of these problems have a simple solution and can very easily be fixed yourself. For example, if you don’t have any material flow most of the time the causes paint is blocked somewhere or one of the tubes or hoses became loose. These all have simple solutions such as cleaning or tightening the hose or cannister. If you have a problem with material then check to be sure everything is tightened properly.
Leaking most of the time it’s just because the nozzle’s loose or there’s material buildup, but there is also the chance that the nozzle or the nozzle seal could be worn and in that case these items would need to be replaced. Most of the time if you’re having issues with overspray or your paint being cloudy usually that is the operator error and means that spray gun was either too close or too far away from the surface you’re attempting to paint or stain.
If your paint zoom unit suddenly stopped working more than likely the cause is the overheated motor. A quick way to fix the overheated motor is to simply turn the switch to the opposition and unplug the unit for approximately 15 to 20 minutes. The 15 to 25 minute time period allows for the thermal protection fuse to be reset and allows time for your motor to cool down. Although this will not happen very often if at all now you know how to fix it.

The Warranty On the Paint Zoom Sprayer:

The Paint Zoom paint sprayers are guaranteed to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for one year from the original purchase date. If there is something that does happen you will need to pay the shipping and handling fees though. To obtain service simply call the Paint Zoom customer service center. Please remember that using a material that should not be spread through the Paint Zoom does void the one-year warranty, so be careful what you use because it could potentially damage your unit.

Other Tips for Using Your Paint Zoom :

  • While spraying smaller areas keep the painful dialogue to help avoid excess use of paint and minimize overspray by prepping your walls correctly.
  • Also be sure that your movements are being controlled or even spray. Moving faster will give a light coat but moving slower will maintain a heavy coat.
  • Do not spray outside when humidity or temperature are too high.
  • Always try to avoid stopping and starting while spraying a surface as this will either make too much or too little material in spots. You do not want a spotty surface you want material to be evenly and professionally lay down.
  • While using latex paint be sure to wipe the tip of the spray gun down on a regular basis to ensure that the airflow in the Paint Zoom is not being restricted.
  • Whenever spraying outside be sure to take in the wind as a factor so that the overspray does not cover anything that you do not want it to.

In conclusion, I do not think that for the money I have ever gotten such a useful product. The amount of money and time that the Paint Zoom saves me while I need to do a painting project is unbelievable. I highly recommend the Paint Zoom for any home owner looking to add to their tool arsenal. After all, with the 30 day money back guarantee there is nothing at all for you to lose. I hope that you enjoyed my Paint Zoom review / How to.

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