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The Graco TrueCoat 360 Paint Sprayer Review

Graco TrueCoat 360 Review

Graco TrueCoat 360 Review

Are you looking to paint your own house cheaply and quickly? The Graco 16Y385 TrueCoat 360 paint sprayer is a solid choice if you want to save some cash by not needing to hire a contractor and painting your own house. It’s easy to use, can be used in all situations (you can even paint upside down!), and will make ANY painting job a LOT easier!
This sprayer is an excellent paint gun for the novice as well as the more “professional” handyman looking to paint their own house or even a few of them. Although there are better choices if you’re thinking about opening a professional paint contracting business and I’ll be reviewing those models as well.check-availability
This specific model of paint sprayer, the 16Y385, can deal with both latex and oil paints, and has a large enough reservoir can to paint almost one entire wall without needing to be refilled.
Furthermore, Graco is a solid company and has a great brand reputation as far as their line of quality paint sprayers go. Graco in its own right has made a name for themselves by making some of the most high quality paint sprayers in the market for all types of uses.

Why this Graco TrueCoat Paint Sprayer?

One of the best things about this particular sprayer model is the fact that this paint sprayer has been available and widely used for a long time. This means there are plenty of reviews and they consistently continue to be positive, as our is as well. But it also means that this sprayer sells well and the company plans to keep it around for some time.
That means parts are easy to get if something should go wrong with your unit. But as long as you’re using a trusted paint brand and cleaning your sprayer thoroughly after each use, you should never have a problem with it. Most people who have used it are in agreement that it is one paint sprayer that is fit for use on pretty much any kind of painting job, both big and small.


  • It has flexi liner paint bags which allows for its flexible and quick use.
  • Operational paint sprayer manual, an important element in enabling the smooth use and maintenance of your paint sprayer.
  • Its multi directional, an important area of its flexibility and convenience.
  • Disposable and reusable at the same time, the choice is all yours.
  • The spray is airless ion its use and so enables the user to conveniently have his surfaces without having to exert any pressure.
  • It weighs 4 pounds, which makes the paint sprayer quite flexible to carry and use.
  • Its overall size is in the form of 2 x 12.5 x 9.8 inches.
  • The paint sprayer is handheld, which is an important element of its convenience.
  • The paint sprayers can which is lightweight and in a small sizeable can allows the user to effectively carry it without any hassles.

graco paint sprayer


Convenience – the use of the paint sprayer will definitely amaze you in as much as the paint can is just filled and used, with an option of disposal or reuse. This is so unique for those who are looking for something to use for longer. And if this isn’t exactly what you need, check out our Paint Zoom review here.
Cost effectiveness – the mere fact that the paint sprayer is reusable is an indication that it can help on cutting of costs in as much as the purchase of new sprayers is concerned. It can paint walls or furniture, great for a DIY’er or professional. It can even paint over wallpaper.
It’s ergonomic – the overall look of the paint sprayer is definitely enough to attract you to its purchase.
Easy to use – the paint sprayer is easy to use equipment worth your time and money.


This paint sprayer is one worth having around. The Graco TrueCoat 360 paint sprayer’s unique features are enough to allow for the use of the item for quite some time and so may help in saving you lots of money. From the start, the paint sprayers are one item you don’t need to miss in your company.Graco-16Y385
This is however not a sales stint and may be worth digressing to other sprayers for a wide range of choices. There are some better paint sprayers which are even known to be bigger and so may be quite of an interest to you if you wish to.
If not, this is what you need for any works of painting you may need, especially the ones you may wish to undertake one your own, especially those who are seeking the do it yourself methods.


The Graco TrueCoat 360 is definitely one of the best airless paint sprayers on the market and is the one item I loved using when I had a lot of painting work at home. Especially after needing to do so much prep work on my walls. It was nice to just spray on the paint rather than using a brush.
Learning about it and other paint sprayers in the market may be of help to you if you just decide to seek the right information. For a look at the best HVLP paint guns, we have a separate article dealing with them.
I hope you enjoyed my review of the Graco TrueCoat 360 paint sprayer. I have personally used this sprayer and for painting a house, or even a few of them, I can’t think of a better quality built sprayer for the cost. It may be one of Graco’s less expensive sprayers, but it’s still a quality build and will last a lifetime as long as you look after it and clean it well after each use.
What are your thoughts? Add your own review in the comment section below!

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